Visual Art

Woman sitting, holding a red flower. Her head is looking down gazing at the flower. She has black hair, dark brown skin, a purple shirt and blue pants. The background is yellow in swirls.
Meditations on Beauty #1    (c) 2015 Ortiz
Disabled man sitting in blue armchair wearing sweats and looking contemplative. Bookcase with different color books and the door to the room are behind him. On the wall behind him are a picture and a hanging light.
The Reader (c) 2010

Hand stretches out in the middle of the painting, palm side up. One half of the painting is a daytime desert scene showing cacti and mountains. The sun is the shape of a human heart. Roots go from the soil into the hand. The other half of the painting is a nighttime desert scene. Cacti and mountains are shown in moonlight. The moon is the shape of a human heart. A line goes from the moon into the hand.
Home (c) 2015 Ortiz

Night sky. Sacred heart wrapped in stars. Stars curl out like flames filling the sky. Moon with 2 stars sit in the background.
What the Ancestors Want Us To See (c) 2016

Simple altar painted yellow background with sun in one corner, stars in the other. A woman deity is centered in a blue dress and surrounded by red and gold. A circle of black, blue yellow and white outline the center circle. On the altar are lights, candles, desert twigs and seed pods. Also there are small sacred objects including a turtle, copal and sage.
Altar (c) 2015

Man's head smiling and looking to the side. Blue background with large yellow, purple and red flowers surrounding his head.
Wedding Picture (c) 2012
Foot hanging off the edge of a bed. The sheet is blue with yellow stars. Drawer and part of a shoe and table are in the background.
Foot on Bed (c) 2011

Bright pink flower explodes into foreground. Below runs a river where a clock and heart float. Above is a hill with green grass and on the other side the wing of a bird up close.
New Beginnings (c) 2010

Multicolored desert floor with a grassy hill covered with pinion bushes. An adobe structure sits on the hill. Behind rises multicolored hills and blue mountains.
Painted Desert Drawing (c) 2011

Drawing of a woman's head surrounded by words fit together into sections of poetry.
Self Portrait Collage (c) (2009)

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