What the Ancestors Want Us To See

Night sky background. Moon and the planets Venus and Mars, which look like points of light – stars, form a triangle in the upper right-hand corner of the painting. In the rest of the painting dots of white create a sacred heart. Dots of green, red, blue and yellow outline the shapes of flames coming out of the heart.  A dusting of paint inside each flame helps the clarify the design of stars creating the shape of a heart on fire in the night sky.
(C) Naomi Ortiz 2015

“What the Ancestors Want Us To See”

If we could remember from before
our first baby breath or
our first love-seeking scream
We could remember all the ways love
Permeates the atmosphere
Flooding through the silence
A gift in every second

“Time – what a funny concept”
The ancestors whisper
So much effort and energy placed
in the pursuit of
seconds, minutes, years
Time births us in and out of life
Time does not gift love

When I allow myself to be contained inside the infinite night sky
I connect
When shrubby desert trees offer my body solitude and security
I connect
When my face is buried in cat’s soft fur
I connect
When her eyes flash sideways to mine and we burst into laughter
I connect

No guarantee of time
Longing does not create more

Luckily, the ancestors leave tokens
like a scavenger hunt of ever expanding possibilities
We only need to notice

 and connect

to ourselves,
to each other
to the dirt - life blooming everywhere

© 2015 Naomi Ortiz
Please do not use or copy image or poem without the author’s permission.

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